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I am Ana Maria Baquero Tibocha, a graduate artist from the Francisco José de Caldas District University of Bogotá, Colombia. My artistic focus primarily revolves around creating digital animations that portray human behavior collectively, particularly in urban environments or environments affected by mass consumption and production. This interest developed from my own experience in the labor market where I often felt like just another figure feeding into a larger system. Another aspect of my work humorously criticizes the paradigms of femininity exhibited in Latin American soap operas and their role in constructing and reflecting prototypes of family and social roles. My work is usually produced in pixel art video animations, with many of them in the form of a loop, interactive, or complemented by other elements. I also use embroidery, engraving, and painting as tools for my work.

Global south hawkers’ visualization laboratory


August and September 2021 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The winner of the Plataforma Bogotá Residency - Trias Culture: África Artbox Digital, Distrital Incentive Program of the Distrital Arts Institute - Idartes, Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá is the Global South Hawkers' Visualization Laboratory. This project was undertaken within the ArtBox Digital award framework promoted by TRIAS CULTURE, with the African Digital Innovation Fak’ugesi Festival and the Communication Agency, Griot, as sponsors. During the residency, Crila Regina from Bogotá aimed to explore the streets of Johannesburg from the perspective of popular work. She worked alongside creative individuals from Johannesburg to create an interactive animation that showcases the economic search as seen through the eyes of the street vendors.


Beyond the pussy 


March 8-30, 2019 / Various Artists, San José, Costa Rica

The following is a proposal by Various Artists for a new project titled "BEYOND THE PUSSY". This project aims to explore new aesthetic options around gender studies, self-perception, and self-determination in society. As for me, I am a part of the "Mi llanto enamora" series. This series is constantly growing and consists of animated videos that parody dramatic scenes from Latin American soap operas. My intention is to exaggerate and ridicule the grotesque and normative content of emotional interactions that reflect a macho culture popularly transmitted through television.

Expo Beyond the pussy.png

 Arte Joven 2018 Award

A tender was organized by Colsanitas, the Embassy of Spain in Colombia, and the gallery Nueveochenta. The aim was to support young Colombian artists who are under 30 years old. In September 2018, the eleventh edition of this tender was held, and I was awarded the second place with my artwork titled "Ruta repetida".

Employment history

Vids Agency 2024

Remote work involved creating advertising videos for social media using mainly 2D and 3D motion graphics animation.

Amaru y el misterio de Tanok 2023

I worked as a remote contractor for a web-based children's animation project. My role involved creating backgrounds for the scenes, positioning the characters, adding spatial effects, and finalizing the atmosphere and lighting using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.

Pupa Productions S.A.S  2019 - 2024

I worked remotely and completed post-production videos for various brands including Poker, Rappi, Sabritas, Linio, and Mexana. My tasks included motion graphics, chroma cleaning, motion tracking, 2D special effects, scene lighting, and more.

Music video for the song Fondation by artist Rockin Squat 2020

I worked on a collective project called Zanti Vita, where we combined various animation techniques such as stop motion, puppet manipulation, and 2D animation. My role in the project involved image cleaning and 2D animation for the song "FOUNDATION (Ça sent la carotte)" by the rapper ROCKIN'SQUAT.

Un Bosque encantado y el misterio del agua 2018

This is a children's series that follows the adventures of Aluna and Karun as they search for the mystery of water in an enchanted forest. It is created using a combination of actors, animated characters, and puppets by Life Productions S.A.S. The series is broadcast on Canal 13, and I participate in post-production as an illustrator, animator, and background composer.

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