My artistic creations are under the pseudonym of Crila Regina, used within my social media since 2016, where I usually upload my projects to be shared without any distinction to the general public. In my work, you can find predominately animations, and within that digital illustration, but also embroidery and paint.

My artistic projects turn around topics as society mechanization, productivity, prototypes of social behavior established by Television, among other related themes

Exhibitions & awards

Expo Beyond the pussy.png

 Arte Joven 2018 Award

Tender organized by Colsanitas, the Embassy of Spain in Colombia, and the gallery Nueveochenta, aimed at Colombian artists under 30 years of age.
I was second-winner place in the eleventh edition held in September 2018, with the work "Ruta repetida".

Projects & collaborations

Music video for the song Fondation by artist Rockin Squat 2020

Collective work under the name of Zanti Vita in which animation techniques such as stop motion, puppet manipulation, and 2D animation were mixed, I made the image cleaning, 2D animation, and Fondation music video editing of the artist Rockin Squat

Un Bosque encantado y el misterio del agua 2018

A children's series that narrates the adventures of Aluna and Karun in the enchanted forest in search of the mystery of water, created with actors, animated characters, and puppets.

Made by Life productions S.A.S and broadcast by Canal 13.
I participate in post-production, as an illustrator, animator, and background composer.

Net/Lab 2017

A Bogotá creative workshop led by "Miscelanea" collective, where digital creation is promoted to generate an art exhibition that takes place on social networks.
Love was the theme chosen for digital creations. I looked within multimedia content for love expressions, resulting in my immersion into the audiovisual collage between video games and novels.

La oreja derecha de caldas 2016


Collective made up of Ernesto Moreno, Andrés Beltrán, Francisco García and Ana María Baquero.
Winner of the Francisco José de Caldas District University student/teacher creation award in 2016.
It was proposed a collective creation with the exhibition public, invited to appropriate and recreate the image of Francisco José de Caldas employing the collage of stickers previously printed by the winning group. In this process, more than 1,000 silk-screen stickers were printed in serigraphy four-color technique.

El viaje de Mimi

Children's story written by Patricia Tibocha under the pseudonym Amada Lina and illustrated by Ana Maria Baquero under the pseudonym Crila Regina. Narrate the memories of Mimi, a girl who travels to Bogota city in search of a better future due his family decides that this is where she can progress.